The simple things

I started writing in this blog to see if I can make some sense of things. I kind of found that I was seeing tons and tons of content online, going through hundreds of blogs a day…but not really having anything to show for it, sort of the internet equivalent of watching daylong reality show marathons. I figured a blog of my own word would make me write more and refer less. I don’t post lots of links or photos here, I leave that for my tumblog. So far that separation helps me for just sliding headlong into reposting everything I see on the web.

But all the “sense making” gets so heavy and self-important. I admire people like my friend Soraya who’s running this experiment over at NeverBarefoot. She’s making sense of things and cataloging memories along the way. I bet the act of posting that photo each day becomes a mental diary for her.

Since I know lots of those beat up shoes, it really cheers me up. There’s a nice trick to the site too…it always maintains perspective, photos shot toes up are Soraya, guest feet appear opposite.

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