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The last few months have been pretty impossible to post anything around here. Life’s been busy, but the bigger problem was that my site kept getting hacked; three different times in nine months. I also host a few other sites for friends & family and those sites would the get hacked too. It was a real headache.

I kept seeing the same malware hack over and over. A bit of 64-encoded JavaScript somehow got embedded in my site and that code would embed a hidden frame collecting browser data. Google actually alerted me about the hack. I thought it was nice that they have a vested interest in my site staying virus free.

My old hosting provider, it turns out, didn’t really have the same vested interest in my site staying operable. It took days and days to get any support. There was a lot of veiled blaming that I caused the problem. Out of frustration, I even offer to pay extra for a malware repair service they offer – no response. I couldn’t even pay extra to get any one to help me. Around the third round of getting hacked, I discovered lots of people were having the same poor service and security. I’d used Dreamhost for 10 years (!). I was actually in denial that the service had gotten so bad, probably in my top 5 worst service experiences ever.

So, now with a new hosting partner, I’m angling for more posts and less hacks. The silver lining is that it’s all coming together just as I’ve started to fall in love with writing again.

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  1. hi – not sure if your in Mac land or pc land
    if Mac, this great tip sheet from osx daily how to those nasties even entering your environment
    not sure if it helps
    but just in case
    I post

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