Rethinking This Blog

So I’ve been screwing around on this blog for the better part of six years. It’s been an on-and-off affair. In that time, I’ve only posted around 100 times. Which isn’t that great. I’ve written lots of things that I never posted, mostly b/c I didn’t think they were that interesting. I’m guilty of taking myself way too seriously here (which is ironic if you know me.)

I still log lots of web inspiration on my tumblr. Though after reviewing it, it seems like really what I like to post are pictures of the ocean (water sign, here) and expensive, scribbly art stuffs.

I started this blog to figure out how design and business could work together. That was my job at the time. It consumed me, and I loved it. The writing was dry and dense, but it was a way to puzzle through things. The upside was that I was workshopping all sorts of stuff for my job. At the time, I wanted to see how far I could push this exploration. Some great folks at IDEO helped me publish in several publications. And I’m really grateful for that experience.

Several months ago, I moved on from my IDEO gig. I’m consumed by lots of different things now, so reframing this space (even if it’s in a blog post no one will read) is important to me. I doubt I’ll be writing much about 3D printing. But there’s lots of other things I want to puzzle through; leadership stuff, reactions to culture, etc. I’m also very, very close to turning forty. Which I don’t think I’m that freaked out about. I have two amazing kids, and it’s a lot of fun to see the world through their eyes. This career move has put me into one of the most contemplative moments of my life, and I’m really happy.

Finally, I’m really excited to see old technologies be reborn again. This year was really big year for blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. I called the newsletter thing. And I knew podcasts were back in a big way, but I had no hard evidence. Then Serial took care of that.

So, for the small handful of people who a kind enough to read this blog, thank you. And here’s to writing more and shifting the tone/conversation. My aspiration is that this all feels a conversation we might have over dinner. Which is to say excitable, inspired, random, impulsive, and slightly rambunctious…(which is such a good word.)
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