Hi, my name’s Colin and this blog is my attempt to make sense of the things I see in the world.

I lead marketing at Formlabs, a Boston-based start-up that makes some pretty incredible 3D printers. Prior to that, I worked at IDEO for many years as the Managing Director of Boston studio. I’ve been lucky to work with some crazy smart people on really tough problems. The combination of those two inspire me, and I try to capture some of that spirit here.

I was born in Texas, and lived for many years in San Francisco. I sit on the Advisory Council of the MIT Media Lab. I’ve written for different outlets, probably most notably the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company. I’m an advisor for a few early stage companies and a mentor for Techstars Boston. 

I track my web clippings here and if you like, you can follow me here.

Email: mail at colinraney dot com.