Tropicana Gets Squeezed

I couldn’t resist the headline. This orange juice thing is driving me nuts.

I feel like this isn’t the last time we’ll see this sort of stunt. First, every graphic designer has a go at the comments. Then, the brand people. Finally, Tropicana folds under the pressure.

Article from the Times

You know what’s fascinating to me? These guys had to have spent thousands of dollars testing every aspect of this major brand reset with their core customers. There’s no way this couldn’t have seemed like a sure thing to them. So they release it and, as to be expected, change provokes a conversation – people that love it, love it internally and people that hate it need to externalize. Today, since everyone’s crawling the web to indirectly poll peoples opinions, Pepsi gets exactly what they set themselves up to find – lot’s of critics.

So here’s the big moment, do you show some leadership and engage, or do you run scared?

You could succeed! Years from now people could be raving about how you have a vision. You delivered simpler packaging to the crowded, noisy super market. (Remember, we live in a post-rationalized world).

Tropicana didn’t even make the first turn. They didn’t even ride out the media storm to see what effect it had on their product sales. There’s a fascinating line between sensitive industry leaders and industry leaders that are just too sensitive.

As for the Times article, Twitter is interesting, but there’s no way it’s the ultimate focus group. It’s highly edited, it’s not how people feel, it’s what people want the world to know about them. That guy saying “twitter is the ultimate focus group” really feels like a person who wants to use a hammer for every jobs he has to do…

I wonder will happen when everyone starts Twittering about how much they hate Starbucks’ instant coffee.

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