I had heard of this site before and sort of shrugged it off, but I just watched a video that blew. my. mind.

Bandcamp is a service out of SF (I think) that works for grassroots music acts as a promotional + distribution tool. Basically, you upload you tracks and sell them…so what, right?

Well…there’s all sorts of nice interactions going on here, but I’m more blow away about how the interactions lead to some sort of ‘value creation’ (sorry, that’s what it is, yes I hate that phrase too).
– site functionality where you can see how many people have listened to a track in it’s entirety
– name your price sales model (with minimum prices…smart)
– Sharing music the way fans want to share, online linking (AND a way to track who’s linking/listening from where.)
– free download campaigns with track-able codes (and moo cards so you can get away from everything living online!)

There’s a massive paradigm shift going on here, using this site single-handedly creates new avenues to connect with fans and then manifesting the connection to mean something greater for the bands.

Record labels should stop worrying about p2p pirating and start worrying about these guys….

this site + a solid street team + and a good booking agent = game over

Video about the site here.
Special video about the online promo cards here.

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