The Magic Bite

I caught up with Dan Bomze this week in the office. Now I don’t know Dan that well, but I notice that every time I catch up with him I always walk away pretty inspired. He’s a amazing thinker, a good listener, and an all around great guy in my opinion. He’s also a pretty inspirational business personality – he along with a few others founded Cleanwell.

Today Dan told a great story around this personal maxim he calls The Magic Bite. The idea is that when your get chinese food (or any meal really), you always have one more bite of food than you should. After that last bite you feel too full, you’ve eaten too much, you’ve spoiled a good thing. The Magic Bite is that next to last bite of food. It’s about know when you’ve had just enough of a good thing.

Those are some wise words that go way beyond food…

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