Founder’s Journey

This Monday I had the pleasure of speaking at MIT in a class called The Founder’s Journey. Ken Zolot is running a really cool seminar class out of the engineering school that gives student a view into what it’s like to start a business (without having to slave through tons of pre-requisite classes in the business school).

I met Ken at IDEO’s Big Reset event this summer, and he asked me to give a similar/shorter talk to one I gave at TBR. It’s sort of a rambling run through human-centered design, identity, experiences, participation, T-Pain, Stonehenge, etc.

Even thought the slides don’t capture most of the details of the talk, you can check out the deck here. (I pulled the very few IDEO-related bits since that would compel someone to post the file to….which I don’t get, but whatevs.)

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