Getty Images Nails It

When I think about Business Design, I simultaneously think about experience design (systems, services, products, interactions, communications) and the systems that bring the experience to life. The experience creates the business, (not the other way around).

My favorite moments are when companies create harmony between the business and the experience; experience reinforces the business and the business reinforces the experience. This is the balance that makes the hair stand up on my neck. Nerdy and sad I know, but mark my words, this will outline the collective future of our economy.

Today, it’s rare to see such a clear symbiosis between the two parts, mostly because the two are never developed simultaneously. This will change, but really we’re in the dark ages. Either the business leads and the experiences plays catch up or you have an amazing experience with no business model

Not a new business, but I think this example of Getty Images really highlights a beautiful symbiosis. Getty Images managed to redesign their watermark and elevate their business model at the same time – brilliant.

Thanks to my colleague Scott Patterson for the find. Video is from FastCoCreate viewed here.

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